Reflections from AREC 2017

John McGrath and Tom Panos, together with their team, presented an impressive collection of varied and interesting speakers who shared valuable insights, tips and predictions with the 4.500 delegates who attended AREC 2017.

The charismatic and excitable Bob Wolff, from America, was possibly the audience’s favourite as he dynamically shared the importance he places on Real Estate as a service industry.

He reminded us to be polite, to say yes and thank you and remember the clients; putting people first. He said, ‘Don’t underestimate the power of words, show twenty seconds of courage and do a little, a lot.’ 

Bob emphatically stated, ‘you need great body language and energy; be passionate; be coachable and be prepared.’  His advice is simple but powerful.’

Gary V gave us a video interview that was on steroids. It is scary to think of the energy that he churns through every day and ideas that he generates as evidenced by his incredible success. He said, ‘be different and work on your emotional intelligence. Be a doer, show self-awareness, stop complaining and hang out with great people.’

Ric Serrao and Leonard Steinberg said, ‘do drama classes and learn public speaking for increased results and profits. I, of course, endorse this, as drama teaches empathy, emotional intelligence and builds confidence; these are valued skills for real estate agents. Ric suggested using a scooter to combat traffic delays, and he recommends becoming involved in the community to meet people and to be of service.

Jodie Hedley-Ward says, ‘be spectacular to be successful! Choose your language carefully, so you don’t deplete your energy with negativity. Have hunger in your eyes, be genuine’ and she cleverly finished with her rearrangement of the the AREC letters, to spell out ‘CARE’.

Melita Bell, Cherie Humel and Arabella Hooper shared their strategies for balancing family commitments with the pressures of achieving great success in the industry.

Matt Lancashire, the Michael Coombs Team, John Q, Charles Touma, David Ding, Nicholas Heaton, Marcus Chiminello and Ashley Weston shared many insights, stories and practical examples about building your brand, managing your time, stopping leakage and building a strong and resilient client base.

Real Estate is not an easy game; but as we heard repeatedly, the rewards both personal and financial can be exceptional. I’m sure everyone was exhausted, excited and grateful for the opportunity to listen to such wonderful speakers. Looking forward to AREC 2018!

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