Matt Lancashire, Principal of Ray White New Farm
Judy O'Dea, Space Property Agents Paddington Qld

I’d like everyone to know how wonderful I think Shea Bingham from Authentic Presentations really is.

I worked with Shea Bingham for approximately four months to deliver a speech to four and a half thousand people at the recent AREC real estate conference.

I could never have stood on that stage without her. Her support was unending and tireless. Shea spoke to me at least twice a week over those four months, she cut out the waffle. She made my speech authentic, she made me authentic and real, and I felt so proud of that moment in my life and my career.

I’d really sincerely like to thank Shea and tell you that I am so proud and I think she is really sensational as a speech coach.

Christine Rudolph, Ray White New Farm

The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is in the attention to detail.

I saw Shea Bingham put the polish on Matt Lancashire’s performance at AREC, an internationally acclaimed conference, featuring the world’s leading agents.

Shea is straight to the point, astute and a master at her craft. I watched Shea transform Matt’s exceptional presentation  a world class performance. Well done Shea!