Are you afraid of speaking in public?

I was like you – in Year 10 I almost fainted in my first debate against the very ‘professional’ Year 10 boys, who all went on to be successful barristers.

Now I love speaking in public, and I can show you the Authentic Presentation method that ensures you will be memorable, polished and true to yourself on stage or in any important meeting.

At the AREC 2017 Conference, Ric Serrao (R@H Double Bay) and Leonard Steinberg (Compass- New York) said, ‘to improve your results attend acting classes and learn public speaking.’

I’ve been a drama teacher for thirty years, I now specialise in Real Estate Communication and Public Speaking and my coaching will:

  • Ensure you craft a masterful speech with a clear theme and message
  • Bring your personality and style to the stage
  • Enable you to be authentic, expressive and dynamic
  • Guide you through the rehearsal process to refine and improve your speech
  • Ensure I rehearse with you until you are confident, excited and ready to present

I have extensive experience with performance and presentation.

I would love to help you to deliver the most memorable speech possible.

If you have an important speaking event looming call me for a free chat and I will give you tips on how to best prepare for your presentation.


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