Are you a Keynote speaker in 2020?

Do you want the strategy for success?
You need Authentic Presentation!

Speaking at conferences, in meetings and on film are some of the most powerful tools for career advancement. Yet, it is not unusual to feel nervous in such situations.

There are many strategies for controlling nerves, but many of them focus on the audience. Have you been told to look at the back wall? Imagine the audience naked? Look just over the audience’s heads? Use these strategies and you will not only fail to engage your audience, but will also come across as insincere.

Congratulations for bravely and wisely raising your hand to accept these opportunities. Using the Authentic Presentation strategies will see you evolve into a confident and dynamic speaker.
You need to be authentic as the audience will disengage if you are not. You have less than two minutes to convince them that you are genuine, passionate and exciting.

Speakers often rely on people without professional training in public speaking to give them feedback. This advice, though well-meaning, can be disastrous as their inexperience and fear of offending your feelings result in you delivering an amateurish presentation.

Sometimes people need to hear the harsh truth about their presentation for without this truth the speaker will remain lacklustre. What separates me from other coaches is my thirty years’ experience as an educator. I have mastered the art of genuinely and supportively presenting constructive criticism to people from all walks of life.

I challenge and encourage you; together we clarify your message; organise your ideas into a cohesive and logical structure and ensure that your speech is unique – capturing the audience’s attention and keeping it until the last word. I ask the hard questions until you gain depth, maturity and clarity. Only then will you be authentic and your presentation polished and outstanding.

A great coach takes you from average to remarkable; giving you the ultimate preparation experience, so you are relaxed and excited about your speaking engagement. Confidence comes from the assurance that your content is thought-provoking and your stage presence dynamic and impeccable.

Authentic Presentation differentiates the engaging speakers from the pedestrian!
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