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“I highly recommend Shea for a group session for any company or corporate group that needs a refresher on how to communicate diligently with their clients. By far the most interactive and feel good session I’ve experienced!” -Angelo Zardo, McGrath Real Estate
“Loved it! Took me out of my comfort zone, but I thoroughly enjoyed the discomfort!” -J. Newlands McGrath Real Estate
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Hi, I'm Shea

I help real estate agents, business owners and public speakers to see their profits grow; they retain staff, build stronger teams and promote themselves in a creative and highly visionary manner - ensuring high morale, good rapport and relationships.

My goal is to take away the fear of public speaking, I bring clarity to your messaging and enhance your rapport with your customers.

Over thirty years I have taught, motivated and enabled clients to master their personal communication, this has given me a high level of expertise in this field. Through my love of teaching and passion for seeing people grow and change, I’m able to identify the blocks that are stopping them from fully expressing their authentic selves within their business lives.

I’ve achieved this recently with clients including speakers for the Australasian Real Estate Conference (AREC) and Australian Residential Property Management (ARPM). Meanwhile my other clients have come from the educational, media and security professions.

My personalised programs enabled them to master:

• Keynote speech preparation: message, structure and polished presentation.

• Anxiety reduction for speakers

• Business and sales communication- clarity of message, persuasion, negotiation, delivery

• Webinar and social media delivery and presentation

• Interview preparation- jobs; awards

Let me show you how to increase your profits and career prospects with authentic and engaging presentation, communication and customer service.

Message me here, or call me on 0438867224 and I look forward to chatting about your presentation concerns during a 45-minute consultation in return for a cappuccino.

More About Me
  • Matt Lancashire, number one Performer, Ray White Queensland, with Shea at the 2017 Australian Real Estate Conference, Gold Coast.

  • Eugene Went, Strategist at Merge Digital, and Shea at the Business of Event Conference, 2019

  • Rachael Byrne, REIQ Property Manager of the Year, 2017 with Shea at the Australasian Residential Property Management Conference.


  • It was an absolute honour to present at AREC 2017. I particularly want to thank the amazing Shea Bingham who did the impossible with me and taught me how to be myself and to be confident on stage. You are amazing!

    Matt Lancashire Real Estate Principal RWNF
  • Shea is an absolute professional and incredibly talented as a public speaking coach, she has personally helped me with public presentations in the Real Estate sector as well as one of my employees with a key note speech. I highly recommend Shea to anyone who is looking for assistance with a presentation or interview, she has gone over and above what I expected on each occasion we have worked together.

    Jean Brown Jean Brown Properties

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